What is MicroSecession

What is Microsecession? Our society and economy is controlled by forces which are largely outside of our control. Our economy is driven by bad monetary policy, our education system is hitting the wrong marks, and the self-sufficiency of our communities is in jeopardy. Microsecession is about wresting control of society out of the hands of the distant politicians and bureaucrats and putting our families and communities back in charge. It is about insulating each community from government corruption and idiocy. It is about putting power into the hands of families and community leaders rather than in distant, faceless policy-makers.

The book that started the movement, MicroSecession, is a practical book dealing with how you can get started in regaining power and control from the bureaucracy in your everyday life. While it contains policy suggestions, its focus is how you can get started today with our current laws and current government.

Assert your authority for your own life today—purchase MicroSecession and get started on the road to individual, family, and community independence!