Guns and Riots – Ferguson and LA

One thing that I noted in MicroSecession is that guns tend to have the opposite actual effect of what is claimed. A lot of people think that guns lead to bloodshed and destruction, but, more often than not, guns prevent bloodshed and destruction.

In the book I point out that during the LA Riots the Koreans kept the peace at their places of business with guns. Here are two YouTube videos depicting that:

In the first video, they say, “they certainly have all the ingredients for a confrontation.” Actually, news guys, they have precisely the ingredients needed to avoid confrontation. The Koreans who protected their stores with guns were the only places in the city where there was peace.

A similar thing happened in the Ferguson riots.

So what happens? As Robert Heinlein once said, “An armed society is a polite society.”

I should also point out that this shows that communities are well able to take care of themselves if they choose to do so. We all need to focus more on our communities, and building bonds big enough to protect one another when necessary.