How to Tell if You are Good at Gambling Using this One Weird Trick

There are many people who think they are good at gambling – whether hitting the blackjack tables or playing the slots. You always hear about stories of people who take the casinos for a ride, and everybody who tries their hand thinks that they are going to be the big winner. There are, indeed, people who are legitimately good at gambling. I had a friend who put himself through a graduate program in physics by gambling.

However, you also hear stories about people who lose everything, while all the while they think they know what they are doing. They may get on a winning streak, and gain a ton of money, just to lose it all again. They often end up broke multiple times. The book “The Power of Habit” has a tragic story about a lady who gambled because they always made her feel like she was knowledgeable and capable when she gambled. But, in reality, she was just a sucker.

So, how can you tell if you are good at gambling, or you are just a sucker for the casino? Well, I’ve come out with an easy way that you can use to tell which one you are.

If the casino is actively trying to remove you from the premises, you are good. If they are giving you discounts and coupons and freebies, then you aren’t.

End of story.

The people who actually know what they are doing are banned from casinos and have to sneak in to get around security. They have to dress up like other people to keep from getting thrown out. If this isn’t you, then you aren’t actually good at gambling – the casino is going to take you for a ride.