The Trump Phenomena and the Left

I find the left’s outrage with Trump quite interesting. I see in Trump exactly what I saw in Obama – a candidate whose primary virtue was stirring up distrust of the existing system for their own gain. The fervor over Trump reminds me a lot of the fervor over Obama in his first campaign. And both candidates played on those emotions to make their win.

I also find it interesting that those who complain most about Republicans not working with those across the aisle complain most bitterly about the candidates who do. The president who did the most to build bridges in governance in my lifetime was W. He was hated for it, and his worst acts of legislation were the bipartisan ones. Likewise, Trump is the most left-leaning of the candidates. He *is* the candidate that is most like the left.

Anyway, I don’t mind so much that Trump is winning, simply because we have endured 8 years of Obama, 4 more of essentially the same attitude won’t kill us any worse.

Also interesting is the fact that the people who complain most bitterly about the Republicans being theocrats hate Trump the most, who is the least Christian candidate.

All this leads to one conclusion – the hatred of Trump from the right is because the right doesn’t like Trump’s principles. The hatred of Trump from the left is because they don’t like the fact that their nice, contained political hegemony may soon be shifted into the arms of someone else promising them the moon.

2 thoughts on “The Trump Phenomena and the Left

  1. Jonathan, so you see Trump and Obama as being essentially the same? You don’t see significant difference in their rhetoric?

  2. I do see difference, but not significant. They both complain about the same things on behalf of the same people. Trump wants to solve it with a wall, and Sanders wants to solve it by massive corporate regulations. Both are aiming at blaming foreigners for their problems and demagoguing the people who are hurting, but not proposing real solutions to help people. Basically just playing off of the anger. There is reason for anger, but the responses of Sanders and Trump simply play to people’s anger rather than offer real solutions to the problems, and making sure that they themselves are the centerpiece of the fix.