Rethinking Money, Pt. 1: Did We Ever Actually Leave the Gold Standard?

NOTEPart 2, part 3, and part 4 of this series is now available.

Dear reader, I have been thinking on a subject for quite some time, and I think it is time to share with you all. Like the rest of MicroSecession, the idea is simultaneously radical in conception and moderate in practice. The goal is to rethink the way that we deal with money on a daily basis in order to effect the changes ourselves which we wish to see in Washington. I’m not talking about bartering, I’m simply talking about using regular money in a different way.

For today, I just have a riddle for you – did we leave the gold standard?

The answer seems obvious – yes, we left the gold standard in 1971. But did we totally leave the gold standard? Is there a piece of our monetary system that is still based on gold and silver?

I’ll leave you this to think about. Tomorrow, I’ll give you my answer to this riddle.

NOTE – see the answer now in part 2 of this series

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