MicroSecession on the Peter Schiff Show Tomorrow

I am happy to announce that I will be going on the Peter Schiff show tomorrow morning at 10:30AM ET. Peter Schiff is a national radio host, and is the author of numerous books on the economy. His book, How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes is featured in MicroSecession, and we have featured several of his segments from his radio shows on this site. If you want to tune in, his list of radio affiliates is here. If you don’t have an affiliate near you, you can catch the program on his website tomorrow after the show for the rest of the day. Tune in!

The Christian Response to Need in Hard Times

I have talked to many Christian preppers, and am concerned about their potential responses to need in hard times. Many preppers say that their stash is for themselves and their family, and no one else. The idea is that they are doing their part now to help people understand the need for preparation, but when hard times come, their storage is for themselves alone.
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The Problem with Numbers

Part of MicroSecession deals with the problems inherent in guiding your life based on numbers. At the end of the day, numbers are only indicators, and we must be wise in order to use them correctly. Peter Schiff gives a great example of this with GDP measurements, using Gilligan’s Island as an example:

What Schiff tells us is to think about what happened in Gilligan’s Island. In the first seasons, they had nothing at all, and had to build up everything from scratch. However, in later seasons, after they had built all of the equipment to make their lives easier, then they could relax and enjoy themselves and not work as much.

Now, which period was better for the people involved? Obviously – it was when they could relax. Which period produced a higher GDP? It was the first part when they were working – that’s where all of the economic activity was taking place. So, if, heaven forbid, an economist was there with them on the island, they would freak out once everything was built, because GDP had declined! They would start implementing emergency measures, and probably also destroying many of their machines and gardens that made their life better, in order to stimulate more GDP output.

It doesn’t usually matter to economists whether your life is better or worse. They have their numbers, and they had better be going the way the economists want, or else!

MicroSecession on America in the Balance Radio Program

Just finished doing an hour-long interview with the America in the Balance radio program by Truth in Focus. Thanks to Amanda Teegarden and Don Wyatt for having me on and being excellent hosts! I had a great time and it was a great program. We covered several of the major topics in the MicroSecession book, including the economy, education, food preparation.

The show is available for Internet broadcast here.

The Importance of Doing the Dirty Work

Mike Rowe makes a good case for making your way without a college education. He points out that there are plenty of work out there (and money!) if you are willing to do the work in an undesirable profession. He points out that hard work will be the difference between success and failure. According to Mike Rowe:

I don’t care if you work for McDonald’s. […] If you show up early, if you stay late, if you volunteer for the hard stuff, you’re going run that organization

That’s what’s missing in a lot of the workers these days – everyone wants the easy stuff, but no one wants the hard stuff and the overtime. If you’re the one who takes that on, then you are going to be successful. Also according to Rowe:

We are lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts.

The point of work is to help others out. It is good to do what you love, but first you need to do what others need.

Rowe points out that there is a disconnect between what we need and what we value and celebrate that I think is important. We have to celebrate the importance of hard work.