Money Saving Tips!

The Art of Manliness website just posted a great set of tips for saving money. Remember, even when it is a small amount, if you can save a small amount over and over and over again, it eventually adds up! If you give up your daily Starbucks coffee, you will wind up with over $1,000 at the end of the year. Just remember not to then spend it foolishly elsewhere! That is my usual downfall.

Paying Less By Sidestepping Insurance

The book spent a chapter talking about how just paying directly for healthcare can actually be cheaper than using insurance, and the overall failure of insurance to provide value. This short video covers some of the huge differences in cost between costs getting surgery in the traditional hospital/insurance route and the private payer/independent route. It is very eye opening.

Investments and the Moral Decay of America

One tragic flaw in modern American society is that there is so little reflection on how different aspects of life relate to one another. We view that science is separate from aesthetics which is separate from theology which is separate from economics which is separate from philosophy and so forth. However, this is not the way the world works. In fact, one of the reasons why so many academics get so many things wrong is because of their unwillingness to include ideas from other fields.
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The Price of Silver

There is a huge disconnect happening between the world of paper silver and physical silver. For those that don’t know, paper silver investments include options, futures contracts, ETFs, and other derivative markets of silver. Basically, it is an investment in silver that doesn’t involve the actual delivery of silver. Many people opt for paper silver because they can manage it the same way they manage the rest of their investment accounts – invest in SLV or GLD or some other market instrument, and thereby tie the value of my portfolio to the value of silver.
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Silver Shortage

I went to the coin shop today, and there were very few coins left. This is reasonable because of silver’s low price. But if demand is high why is the price staying low? If there is a shortage how can silver have such a low price? It seems that someone is playing games with the silver market. I don’t know who it is, but if you are interested in silver I would grab some now.